About Me

Find out a little about me and how I work with my clients

Hello, I'm Rachel...

An experienced Counsellor and Therapist in Cheltenham who uses talking therapy to help people like you with whatever may be troubling you.

My qualifications: I’m a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and founder of Thinking Together Therapy. I trained and qualified with the prestigious Gloucestershire Counselling Service and and have been successfully running my own private counselling practice for a number of years.

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My Values


Trust is vital for a therapeutic relationship to be successful. To me this means developing a good rapport so that you really feel heard and understood.


You know you better than anyone else, which is why we'll be thinking together about what's going on for you. You bring the knowledge of your situation, and I'll bring my expertise.

Safe Space

Providing you with a safe space to comfortably open up is important to me. This is why I encourage in-person therapy when possible.

What My Clients Say:

“Working with Rachel has allowed me the space and time to really process my feelings and everything that’s happened to me.  As a result, I feel so much less anxious.  I would recommend counselling to anyone.”


Client | Cheltenham

“I feel as if the weight I have been carrying around has been lifted.  I feel so much more confident now, like I can finally be the me I was meant to be.  This really has been life-changing.”


Client | Cheltenham

“Thank you Rachel for helping me to understand myself and my behaviours.  To have more of an understanding of why I feel the way I do is enlightening and so useful to me going forward.  I have already seen improvements in my relationships as a result.”


Client | Cheltenham

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